A Woman’s Struggle

Foto di Stefan Keller da Pixabay

With heels on and briefcase in hand, I face the corporate world’s demand. A woman in power, how rare it seems, To climb the ladder, it takes extreme dreams.

The path is rough and full of thorns, But I march on with my head held high, For I am a woman, strong and bold, And I won’t let anyone tell me I’m not worth gold.

But sometimes I feel the weight of it all, The expectations, the pressure, the constant call. To balance work and life, it’s a challenge indeed, But I won’t give up, for success is my creed.

So I work hard and strive for the best, Breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings with zest. For I am a woman, hear me roar, And I won’t stop until I reach the top floor.

This poem is an ode to the struggles that women face in the corporate world. It highlights the challenges of balancing work and life, while also dealing with societal expectations and pressures. The poem celebrates the strength and determination of women who pursue their dreams despite the obstacles in their path. The words “woman in power,” “corporate world,” “glass ceiling,” and “success” are some of the key SEO-friendly terms used in this poem.



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