The public character with whom I am most disagreeable

Con quale personaggio pubblico sei più in disaccordo?

The public character with whom I am most disagreeable is Putin. Firstly, his aggressive actions towards Ukraine have resulted in a war that has claimed thousands of lives and caused significant destabilization in the region.

Secondly, Putin’s regime has been accused of imposing significant restrictions on freedom of expression, association, and the press. Journalists, opposition politicians, and activists critical of the government have been subject to harassment, imprisonment, and even violence. The Kremlin has also taken measures to control the internet and limit access to information.

Lastly, there have been numerous cases of individuals who have opposed Putin disappearing or being killed under mysterious circumstances. These include journalists, activists, and political opponents, both inside and outside Russia. Critics have accused Putin’s government of carrying out these acts to silence dissent and maintain its grip on power.

Taken together, these factors have led many to view Putin as a negative figure.



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