Sky’s Wonder


Up in the sky, so vast and wide,

A place where dreams and hopes collide,

Where clouds drift by and stars shine bright,

A wondrous sight that brings delight.

The sky above, a canvas blue,

Is a sight that’s always new,

From sunrise red to sunset gold,

Its beauty never grows old.

The sun, the moon, the stars all shine,

A cosmic dance, a rhythm divine,

The sky’s a wonder, a great expanse,

A boundless world that we can glance.

So let us gaze up at the sky,

And let our spirits soar up high,

For in its vastness, we can see,

A world of endless possibility.

Let’s appreciate the sky above,

And cherish its eternal love,

For in its beauty, we can find,

A world that’s truly one of a kind.

So when we look up at the sky,

Let’s remember to never deny,

The magic that it holds inside,

And the wonder that it provides.



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