We All Need A Guiding Light


In life’s journey, we all need a guiding light

And for most of us, it’s the mom who’s always right

From holding our hands when we take our first steps

To cheering us on, even when we fail to impress

Mom, you’re the queen of our hearts

The one who’s always there from the start

With love and care that knows no bounds

You make our world go round and round

From sleepless nights to endless chores

You’ve been our rock through highs and lows

You inspire us with your strength and grace

And put a smile on our face, no matter the place

In every hug and every kiss

We feel your love and tenderness

You make us feel safe and secure

And show us the meaning of forevermore

So here’s a poem for you, dear mom

To celebrate your love and charm

May your heart be filled with joy and glee

For you mean the world to us, don’t you see?



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