Avalanche Summit 2023

Foto di Gerd Altmann da Pixabay

The Avalanche Summit was a highly successful crypto conference where the latest innovations of the Avalanche blockchain were presented and important experts in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry spoke.

Foto di Gerd Altmann da Pixabay

Avalanche Summit is the main annual blockchain conference for the crypto AVAX, dedicated to those who develop and use it. This event presents the latest updates and innovations of the blockchain founded by Emin Gün Sirer and where developers and managers of the 16th most capitalized cryptocurrency in the market and other interesting Web3 projects meet. The conference was held in Barcelona from May 3-5, 2023. It featured more than 300 speakers who spoke on the various stages of the event: Eco-Dome, Mainnet Stage, Theater Stage, Subnet Stage, Auditorium, and Monastery. The conference included workshops, interactive presentations, and speeches from many Web3 luminaries, such as Emin Gün Sirer, the CEO, and founder of Avalanche. Other notable speakers include David Palmer, head of blockchain at Vodafone, who presented the possible applications of blockchain technology in the mobile network and IoT sectors, and Bryan Pellegrino, CEO, and co-founder of Layer 0, who presented his blockchain based on Zero Knowledge technology. The conference also covered the future of stablecoin, the gaming industry, and how AWS and Ava Labs are working together to make technological infrastructures more scalable for governments and businesses using blockchain. The conference also announced the upcoming release of Coin Operated Agents (COA), a new feature that uses artificial intelligence to allow users to write smart contract code and publish them on the Avalanche network in human language. The conference included notable partners from the blockchain industry such as Circle, Chainlink, and The Graph, and it was held at the Poble Espanyol, a museum in Barcelona’s Montjuïc neighborhood.

Foto di Gerd Altmann da Pixabay

The conference once again demonstrated the importance of such events for the blockchain community and their role in promoting collaboration and the development of new Web3 projects. The Barcelona crypto conference was much more than just a convention. In addition to the large number of presentations and speeches, there were also numerous workshops dedicated to developers and more. These were true laboratories where attendees could acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge of blockchain technology and its applications. Those who attended the Avalanche Summit learned how to optimize their DeFi portfolio thanks to the lesson of Jesus Rodriguez, CEO of IntoTheBlock, and discovered how Web3 is redesigning esports culture through the dedicated workshop on May 3rd. In addition, at the end of each day, there were parties and events where participants of the Avalanche Summit 2023, the Barcelona crypto conference, could get to know each other and have fun together in person, making the AVAX crypto community even more cohesive.



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